A Little Blending Magic

I’ve mentioned our Magic Bullet so many times in posts that I thought perhaps it deserved its own explanation and kudos for its usefulness. It definitely ranks up there with other Products We Love and use on a regular, almost daily, basis.

Ours might look a little worse for wear.

We’ve had it for quite a few years and in fact broke one of the containers (the larger of the one shown.) What you see above are the components we use most. The kit comes with a lot of other bells and whistles in the way of mug containers for blended drinks and various lids and a recipe book. We don’t use much of that very often. We do use the two chopping blades and the small container shown for reducing spices like mustard seeds or coriander seeds or blending a mix of spices. It is super handy for that.

Every once in a blue moon I make a blended drink, something fruity and fun.

I really think the Magic Bullet is a must have for a functional kitchen.

**I have not been compensated or contacted by the makers of the Magic Bullet for my opinion; I just like to spread the word about products we love to help others simplify their lives.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
~ William Morris



    1. It’s nice for making small blended drinks for just one or two people, instead of a full size blender; a lot less to clean up. Similarly, it’s good for processing a small amount of something and not having to use the full size food processor. We don’t have a coffee grinder but we did once back in the day and it could do the grinding of spices which is probably what we use the Bullet most often for. I make taco salads almost weekly and I make my own seasoning which calls for ground coriander. I only have seeds so I always use the Bullet to grind my coriander. We also use it to grind mustard seeds pretty frequently. I think it’s most handy for its small size and being able to use it instead of the larger appliances, when we aren’t making a large quantity of something.


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