Reading Corner – The Dragon Quintet

The Dragon Quintet is a compilation of 5 short stories, about, you guessed it, dragons.

Orson Scott Card starts things off with, In the Dragon’s House. I really liked it. I didn’t love it. But it was good. Unique and different. Great writing style.

The second story is by Elizabeth Moon, called Judgment. This is my kind of story. I really enjoyed it.

The third, Love in a Time of Dragons, by Tanith Lee was not my style. It was certainly creative and well written, but I really didn’t like it. If it had been a full size novel I don’t think I would have finished it.

Joust by Mercedes Lackey was outstanding. I read it in one sitting; it took me a little over an hour. At 45 minutes I thought about stopping. I actually placed my bookmark and set the book down. But before I could walk away I picked it up again and finished. It is noted in a forward that this short story led to a full-sized novel, and subsequently, a series of 4 novels, that I will be checking out – Dragon Jousters.

And lastly, King Dragon by Michael Swanwick was good but not my favorite. Joust definitely gets the ribbon for the best of the bunch. King Dragon was…different. Well written. A little weird, in the way that fantasy can sometimes be. If I had to rate all the stories in order of preference I would recommend them in this order:

  • Joust
  • Judgment
  • In the Dragon’s House
  • King Dragon
  • Love in a Time of Dragons

All in all, it was a fun assortment of stories with dragons or dragon-like characters. I don’t want to go into much detail of each story, they are so short it would ruin all the fun of reading them yourself. If you like fantasy or dragons you’ll enjoy this collection of stories.

If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.
~ Ilona Andrews, Fate’s Edge


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