Movie Monday – The Dictator, The Lorax

I can’t believe I actually agreed to watch The Dictator. It’s not something I would ever pick up and watch on my own but sometimes we compromise for one another; Don will tolerate a chick-flick every now and then. I have to say, I did laugh. At one point I laughed so hard (partly because I was laughing at Don laughing) that I couldn’t breathe. The movie is wrong on so many levels, pushing the envelope with off-color, racist, stereotypical, un-politically correct humor, much in the way that South Park does. Case in point. The following quote is so bad. But we still laughed.

I love it when women go to school. It’s like seeing a monkey on roller skates — it means nothing to them, but it’s so adorable for us. ~ General Aladeen

There is also a fair amount of stupid slapstick comedy to offset some of the more high-brow satirical commentary and, believe it or not, there is a decent plot that makes the film a cohesive story and not just a string of stupid jokes and skits. If you’re not offended by this type of scathing humor, The Dictator is worth checking out.

We also watched The Lorax this past week. O.M.G. Great movie. I have a natural inclination towards environmentalism though so I really connected with the story, Don too. I know the film got a lot of negative press for having a political agenda, for not being true enough to Dr. Seuss, and a slew of other complaints. I don’t see the harm in adapting the story from the original book and not being an exact replica on-screen. I also don’t feel that the environmentalism theme was heavy-handed. I thought it was done really well. I liked it so much, I want my own copy.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
~ Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


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  1. The Lorax is one of my favorite stories ever. Anyone who thinks it doesn’t have a political message is a couple cards short of a full deck. In the 80’s the book was banned from towns in California, Oregon and Washington where logging was an important business, “I speak for the trees.”

    Great quote, by the way!


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