Soak Up the Sun

Olli does the goofiest and cutest things. He likes to nap, on his back, his legs up in the air. Often, in the sun. Sometimes just randomly in the middle of the room.

Once he’s warm and sleeping deeply, he’ll tuck his front feet up to his chest. Sometimes he pulls his face down, covers his face with his feet, and s q u e e z e s. It. Is. Super. Cute.

I’ve been dying to get photos of him on his back or the sleepy squeeze, but he always wakes up if I go for the camera.

Until now. I finally got some photos of him sleeping in the sun. He didn’t do the face squeeze, but he came close. You can see him tucking them against his chest.

Tell me this isn’t the cutest freaking thing you ever seen.

Meow is like aloha — it can mean anything.
~ Hank Ketchum


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