A New Grill Pan

We’ve acquired a new 11 inch square grill pan to replace our older, smaller (but sturdy) cast iron grill pan.

Goodbye old friend.

We LOVE the new pan.

It’s called The Original Green Pan.

Our particular pan is from their Paris Collection. It just happened to catch our eye at an outlet store recently. It has many qualities to be admired.


  • Natural mineral-based non-stick coating
  • PTFE-free
  • No silicone oil
  • Manufactured without PFOA
  • Upcycled aluminum used for production of cookware bodies and upcycled stainless steel for handles


  • Lightweight (oh so much lighter than cast iron!)
  • Comfortable, stay-cool handle

Performance thus far has been outstanding. So far Don has grilled steaks and chicken.

It seems to distribute heat evenly and it cleans up so easy!

We are curious to see how long it stands up to constant use but we are hopeful that it is a quality product that we will have for many years to come. If you are interested in finding your own Green Pan, their products are available in many stores, a listing is provided on their website. I’m always on the lookout for more eco-friendly products and just wanted to share this new find with others who might be interested.

**I have not been compensated in any way for my opinion of The Green Pan; I simply like to share my experience of new and/or helpful products with others.

If we go around clearing up our own mess and being positive about our own lifestyle, other people will start copying us and picking up their own carbon ‘litter’ too. 
~ Dave Hampton, Carbon Coach


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