Beach Riding

We took the bikes out to Holly Beach on Sunday.

These bikes are so much easier to load and unload than the quad we had, 
partly because the truck is much shorter and easier to work with than the old Dodge.

It’s not a huge area, we pretty much explored all there was to explore in the 2 hours we buzzed around. (We only put about 18 miles on the bikes, lol.) But it was great for allowing me open space to learn to shift for the first time. And I did!

Do you like my “her’s” stickers?

I felt pretty comfortable shifting up and down between 1st and 4th gears. I still have lots to learn but I’m sure it will all come with time and practice.

There wasn’t much terrain for Don to play with but what little he found he couldn’t resist.

We got lucky and timed our trip just right. We headed out when the skies cleared around Noon and just as we were loading up to leave it was starting to rain again. It was fun to get out and play a little while we could.

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.
~ Dianne Ackerman 



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