Movie Monday – Dear John, Colombiana

I watched Dear John this weekend and I could swear I’ve posted it before but I couldn’t find anything in my blog history. Maybe I watched it before I started blogging. Regardless, it’s a good story but man is it slow! If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a story of two young people, a solider and a college girl who fall in love while he is on leave. There’s much more to the story, families, war, tragedy…and life doesn’t go as planned. I’m betting it’s a really good read, probably more powerful than the movie.

I also watched Colombiana. It was slightly better. More action that’s for sure. Zoe Saldana plays a woman who as a child witnesses the murder of her parents so she sets out to learn to be a professional killer and seeks revenge on the killers as an adult. It wasn’t gripping but it was interesting.

No matter where it is in the sky… No matter where you are in the world… the moon is never bigger than your thumb.
~ John, Dear John


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