I’ve Created a Monster

Since letting the boys out on the porch (supervised) a few times during the summer, Olli has been more and more insistent about wanting to be outside. In the last few weeks I have experimented with letting him out alone. I could never trust Milo, he’s too adventurous. I can barely trust him when I’m there keeping an eye on him. But Olli is a lazy homebody and he’s super afraid of strangers. (Stranger Danger!) So, I took a chance and let him spend 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, outside alone, while I kept tabs on him through the window when possible. It’s been wildly successful.

Now, he cries and paws at the porch door to be let out. The little monster.

Usually he spends his time on the ground, up at the railing looking out at passersby, birds, bugs, what-have-you. But just yesterday he started settling down for naps in our camping chairs in the back of the porch.

I managed to get this quick shot of him through the window last night.

And then he saw me. LOL

Milo gets a little twitterpated when he’s not allowed out as well. When I can, I go out to sit and read so Milo can have a little time outside too.

Today’s group session outside looked a little like this…

Milo rares settles down. He’s got to check everything out. Every time.

Really Milo? I just let you out. (He just doesn’t like closed doors.)

What’s that?!?!

And Olli just sleeps on.

Most cats, when they are Out want to be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously.
~ Louis J. Camuti



  1. Olli reminds me so much of Larry. We used to let him out when when we had a deck. We could never let Priest out alone because the dummy would jump off. Now Larry is all sad. I tried letting him out on the patio, but he won’t stay. Poor kitty


  2. This is so cute! My Zoe won’t settle on the porch, but she will walk quietly around in a small area. Funny to see what catches her interest!


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