Movie Monday – The Crying Game, The Tall Man, Warrior

The Crying Game was mentioned in an article recently about the best twist endings in movies. I’ve seen most of the movies in the article and would agree that they were all very good but I hadn’t seen The Crying Game so I thought I’d check it out. First I have to say, I shielded myself from what it was about so that I wouldn’t spoil the surprise of the twist. But I could see it coming. Because I knew there was a twist I was on hyper-lookout for it and I knew right away where it was going. And my goodness, did it take forever to get there. I didn’t find it a very gripping or engaging movie at all. It has a very high rating on IMDb so who am I to say it wasn’t great. I found it slow and dull. 😦

One day I came home from work to find Don watching The Tall Man. I had missed probably the first 45 minutes but I went ahead and watched the rest. It was a little slow but it was interesting. It’s about children that go missing and the mystery of a “Tall Man” who might be abducting them. That’s all I can say without giving anything away. It had us guessing and it had a good ending. It’s not all good but it’s an appropriate ending. It’s definitely not the horror movie we thought it was going to be so if you watch it with that expectation you’d be disappointed. I’d classify it as a suspense thriller.

Warrior has been in our netflix queue forever. I thought Don would want to see it but we never seemed to get around to watching it together. So I watched it alone this weekend. I don’t think Don would have liked it much. Too much personal relationship drama between characters in addition to the main plot of the story which is of two brothers pitted against one another in an Ultimate Fighting Champion competition. I was actually uncertain that the story would be interesting to me since I’m not a fan or follower of the UFC. But the complex relationships and struggles of the characters gave the movie an unexpected depth and I thought it was simply outstanding. I cried. I don’t know that most viewers would but the story really touched me. I can see why Nick Nolte was nominated for many best actor awards. He did a fantastic job. If you’ve been wavering about watching this like me, I say do it. You won’t regret it.

Boxing is your father’s sport.
~ Dana White

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  1. I’ve thought about watching “Warrior,” but haven’t gotten around to it yet – I’m not much of a follower of UFC, even though I did practice Judo for many, many years, and the tension between the characters in this movie sounds very intriguing. Thanks for the review!


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