Movie Monday – Madagascar 3

I really have trouble putting together words to describe the movie experience of Madagascar 3, and I love kids movies. It was good, but…something…too over-the-top maybe? It’s wildly colorful and energetic.  The over-arching story of zoo animals turned circus animals was good. And the Cirque-du-soleil style ‘animal-only’ circus concept was clever. But I still find myself shaking my head and wondering what I’m looking at. I guess just watch it at face value and don’t think too much about it. Expect plenty of laughs and silliness and you won’t be disappointed.

What’re you doing? Zebras can’t drive, only penguins and people can drive!
~ Alex, Madagascar 3


One comment

  1. I haven’t seen any of the Madagascar movies yet. I’ve always meant to, but then life just seemed to get in the way. I’ll have to check them out sometime, but I’ll keep your advice in mind when I do get to the 3rd one.


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