Movie Monday – Red Dawn, The Expendables 2, Mirror, Mirror

We went to the theater last week for the first time in ages! It was awesome, minus the insanity of it being Black Friday. But we braved the masses and went to see Red Dawn. Totally worth it. Fast paced, lots of action, a great cast. I was biting my nails! All in all a great movie experience. I know it’s not getting the best reviews in many circles but I think if you’re looking for a movie to carry a heavy political message than maybe you’re looking for different movie altogether. If you’re just looking for a plain old good action flick then I think Red Dawn delivers.

We also watched The Expendables 2 last week. It’s what you would expect. Tons of over the top action sequences. Lots of familiar (older) faces. Nods to the actor’s older movies (Terminator, Die Hard, and Rambo) in the dialogue. It was funny. It was a good story. Really not bad for a sequel.

I watched Mirror, Mirror alone last week because I’ve tried to suggest it once or twice to Don and he wasn’t showing any interest. I was quite surprised by it. I really wasn’t expecting to like it myself but I still wanted to check it out, just in case. It really was rather good! I even think Don would have liked it if he had given it a chance. The costumes were outrageous and over the top but that was also part of it’s charm too. I think it was a clever re-making of the Snow White story. I thought Julia Roberts did a great job as an evil witch and I really enjoyed the unique perspective on remaking the dwarves. It was such a fun movie I actually found myself smiling for most of it and I felt very cheerful when it was over. If you’re looking for a lighthearted pick-me-up, this movie might just be ticket.

There’s I’m in the same room as a prince crazy, and then there’s good old fashioned plain traditional psycho crazy. I fear she’s the latter.
~ Charles Renbock, footman to the Prince
Mirror, Mirror



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