Milo and Olli: Up Close

This recent picture at Hands on Bowie inspired me to try some new angles and camera settings for shots of the boys and I am so pleased with the results!


This was pure accident but one of those happy accidents.
I caught Milo mid-lick while trying to get a shot of his face. LOL


She’s at it again Milo. Run while you still can! (Olli)


Get my profile. Like this. Good human. (Milo)


Really, Mom? How many of these are you going to take? (Olli)

Milo's paw

Milo’s paw

I used my telephoto lens so I could be farther away from them – they tend to not cooperate when I’m right in their face. (No, really?) I also cropped and zoomed in a bit using photo software afterwards to get even closer. While shooting, I also used the manual mode and adjusted the ISO for lower lighting and I learned that I can manipulate the flash brightness. I still have SO much to learn about manipulating my camera manually but this was a successful lesson.

There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.
~Wesley Bates



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