A Great Fryer for Two

We found another new kitchen gadget lately that we just love. It’s perfect for just the two of us – a compact fryer by Cuisinart.


Not that we fry much, but it’s nice to have a way to fry easily when you want to. And boy does this make it easy!

It operates on very little oil, just over a quart. (We prefer lard.) There’s a little line in there that you can barely see that shows you the maximum fill line making it really easy to know how much to use.


Turn the little sucker on to your desired temp and wait for the light to turn green. (Between 350 and 375 is best for frying.)


The basket has a great little lip on it to hold it above the oil while you place your items inside.


Then simply place into the oil…


Close the lid…


And wait for the light to turn green to indicate it’s done! (Or peak inside and check the browning of your food and take it out when it looks done to your liking. We actually took our shrimp out after about 4 minutes while the light was still red.)


Talk about beautiful! As well as easy and not messy. (I really like the not messy part.)


I tried to be the voice of reason and suggest that we wrap the fryer and call it Christmas but I knew in the store that it wasn’t going to happen. We went straight home and made lunch right away. LOL We had to try it out and make sure it worked well! …Maybe we’ll fry something for Christmas. 🙂

Laughter is brightest where food is best.
~ Irish Proverb

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  1. Where do you get your lard? Everything I have seen in the grocery stores has been mostly partially hydrogonated oil – yuck! I have been using grapeseed oil for frying.


    1. Walmart. I didn’t realize until writing this post that perhaps it would have preservatives and other additives that we might want to avoid. The container reads: Lard and Hydrogenated Lard, BHA, Propyl Gallate and Citric Acid. A quick search on each term just now didn’t make any of them sound completely horrible but I’m still leaning away from it now. I’ve already mentioned it to Don and he poo-poo’d me saying the amount we actual ingest is so negligible that he’s not worried about it. I will be sourcing out other options and looking into the feasibility of making our own – that’s why I included links for rendering your own lard in the post. You can also fry with coconut oil and I may just push that we do that when the lard runs out. We have grapeseed oil that I use for washing my face, maybe we’ll try that out too as another option. How has frying with that been for you?


    1. Actually lard just has a bad reputation.

      And from what I understand, the smoke point is fine.

      Although, I admit that the lard we are using is still hydrogenated and I’m not thrilled about using it. But we use it so infrequently that I make the exception. One of these days I’m going to buy the good stuff like this: http://www.grasslandbeef.com/Detail.bok?no=1218


  2. You really like lard huh? … 😀 Where I am from, we don’t use lard that much. In ancient history, old poor people used lard and soy sauce to mix with rice… Lard is delicious.. don’t get me wrong. .. If you want to fry food, try with this one, rice brain oil, that seems to be more healthier. 😀

    The link you provide for the good stuff “pork lard” seems yummy… 😀 I am mouth watering just reading the description.. 😀


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