We fortified the porch this week to allow Milo to be outside without supervision.


For those who don’t know, he’s our door ninja (or escape artist) who likes to bust outside and be chased around the roof, car, garage, what-have-you, depending on what style of home we live in. Our current apartment is the first home we’ve had that has a somewhat enclosed porch. After seeing neighbor cats spending time on their porches unattended, we thought we’d give it a try with Olli. He’s never been one to stray far from his people. He’s got a strong sense of “stranger danger” and is too darn fat to fit through the bars (Milo tried once and almost made it but his hips are a tiny bit too big – thankfully.) Olli is also too lazy to try to go over the railing. Milo on the other hand has been caught balancing on the railing more times than I am comfortable, even when supervised. So, we added a little height to our railing with some simple mesh wire and a couple of garden poles.


Everything is simply zip-tied together. If Milo were to try to jump on it or over it, I’m sure it would all come tumbling down. But so far, no worries. It’s high enough that I don’t think he could clear it completely from the ground. Now we can enjoy our time on the porch more and not be worried about having to keep an eye on him the whole time and he’s even been out completely unattended without problems. (I do check on them frequently just to be sure. But I’m growing more confident that he’s not going to try anything.)


Milo on left; Olli in the chair on the right.

The only downside of sorts is that the boys seem to prefer it when I leave the door to the house cracked so they can come and go as they please. They just don’t seem to like closed doors. They will sit and stare inside but as soon as they are inside then they meow to go back outside. Silly kitties!


Milo left; Olli right.

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
~ Unknown



  1. What a great idea! Ill ask my humans about this for my balcony. They worry because the flat is on the fourth floor and I like to jump…. I’m not allowed out unless I have my lead on…. Maybe this could work! Thank you! =^.^=


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