Simple Beauty

We went hiking at Sam Houston State Park last weekend. I’m still a bit sore from the 6 mile walk. I was wearing my minimalist New Balance shoes (best used for walking or running on pavement) and I had to do a lot of tip-toeing around mud puddles, roots, and other things. Don even had to piggy-back me twice over areas that were too wet or muddy. (He has a pair of sturdy hiking boots; guess we need to get me some too.)

At first I didn’t see much to photograph but Don’s eagle eyes caught a bit of color on the ground and soon we were on the lookout for these beauties.


We have no idea what type of mushrooms they are and part of the reason for photographing them was so that we could try to identify them. (Haven’t quite taken the time yet, lol.) But the photos, just for the sake of photos, are fun too.








Don saw this little guy suspended in the middle of the trail. How? I have no idea. I’m sure I would have walked right on by.



We left him to inch his way along on a nearby leaf.


The deer are incredibly tame at Sam Houston. In fact, the people in the parking lot were feeding them from their vehicle to keep them close. We managed to get in our car, start it, and pull away without much notice or care from the deer.


The earth has music for those who listen.
~ George Santayana


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