Movie Monday – Dredd, Frankenweenie, Hugo, DS9

I might have liked Dredd more if we hadn’t watched The Raid: Redemption last year. The plots were too similar, minus the “judge” concept. It garners lots of praise for being well done, as you can see here and here. I can agree that it was good and Karl Urban does an outstanding job conveying a hardened judge, jury, and executioner. But somehow I felt disconnected and not all that convinced by the story. I couldn’t let go of the fact that it felt like I’d already seen it, just with different cops trapped in a different building trying to fight their way out. It is a good action movie though and if you’ve never seen The Raid, well then, you’ll probably enjoy it. It is pretty brutally violent though, so be prepared for that.

I didn’t LOVE Frankenweenie either. 😦 I think I had overly high expectations and it just didn’t meet them. You can see what others think here and here. I can’t quite put my finger on what I didn’t like. It is done well. It was entertaining to a degree. I believe Don enjoyed it more than me. It just left me feeling a little ho-hum.

Hugo was an interesting mix of art and historical story. Set in Paris in the 1930’s, the backdrop and costumes were delightful. The story of an orphaned boy living in a train station and his unlikely encounter with a pioneer of French film-making was sweet. The first half was a little slow but the second half was worth the wait. While not a typical choice for us, we really enjoyed it.

I also finished the final season of Star Trek Deep Space Nine on netflix this past week. DS9 was the one series I had never seen. (Does that make me a true Trekkie/Trekker now? LOL) Even though there were some qualities of DS9 that I appreciated, I do think it’s my least favorite of the different series (not counting the original which I saw much of as a child but admittedly haven’t watched as an adult.) Of the latter, Voyager is my favorite, Enterprise second, Next Generation third, and DS9 last. Some of the cast in DS9 just didn’t work for me. But I thoroughly enjoyed some of the characters and the story of the war with the Founders. So I had a lot of mixed feelings while watching, and a lack of interest in some episodes, but I’m glad to have watched it because it really rounds out my understanding of the Trek universe and lets me see more connections between the various shows. I think that’s fun. (Can’t wait for the next movie coming out in May!)

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
~ Albert Einstein


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