Movie Monday – Warm Bodies, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Arrested Development

Warm Bodies is a little like The Walking Dead meets Twilight. Sort of. It is similar to Twilight in that the lead male character resists his own nature and of course, there’s the love story. (He’s a zombie but he meets a girl he suddenly doesn’t want to eat and wants a relationship instead.) It’s interesting. Entertaining. Clever and funny at times. But a little slow, sort of like Twilight. A lot of long looks. So I have mixed feelings. It was fun and yet slow and it had a few concepts that went unexplained. (What exactly do the zombies who are suddenly becoming human again eat?) Overall impression…we enjoyed the outing to the theater but it’s not a movie that I feel compelled to tell folks to run out to see. Even if you’re a zombie story enthusiast, I’m not sure it will ring true for you. Perhaps that was the challenge for me, comparing it against all the other zombie lore in other movies and tv. It’s hard to go from The Walking Dead (which we LOVE to watch) to the idea that the zombies still have some humanity and can somehow come back from zombie-ism.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a Disney family film about a childless couple who are torn over their inability to have a child. One night they bury a box with notes describing their dream of a child. Magically, they are greeted that same night by a young boy who grew out of the garden where they buried the box. But, of course there is more to the story. You’ll have to watch if you want to know. Was it good? That is hard to say. It was sweet in many ways. But it was odd too. Not in a good way. Perhaps overly sentimental and too thin in some areas. Some characters were drastically underdeveloped yet included like placeholders. But there were some good moments too. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen by far. Not that that’s a glowing recommendation.

We also finished watching Arrested Development in the last week. Noooo!!! I didn’t realize we were so close to the end. We watched the last episode and Netflix said no more and I thought, what? That can’t be! But it was true. BUT, guess what?!! They’ve been filming a 4th season last year that will air on Netflix in MAY. No. Way. Wikipedia better not be lying to me! There’s also still talk about a possible movie. Oh, I hope so! Arrested Development is so wacky and funny, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it! But be sure to watch it from the beginning or you might think I’m seriously off my rocker. LOL

This is my best friend. By best friend I mean we occasionally grunt and stare awkwardly at each other.
~ R, Warm Bodies



  1. and there’s been talk of an Arrested Development movie since the series ended, but yet has surfaced. But last year, “they” said it was officially being made. We’ll see.


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