A Frozen Banana Treat

I came across these Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Bananas at Civilized Caveman Cooking a couple of weeks back and I thought they would be fun to try. Not the easiest thing to make. Bananas get a little slippery.

For my first attempt, I thought one banana each would be enough. What if we didn’t like it? I didn’t want to waste all that banana and bacon. Although, honestly, when there’s bacon, you can hardly go wrong.

First I sliced up the two bananas and cut them into what I thought would be bite-sized pieces. Hmm…more on that later. That turned out to be 4 pieces for one and 5 for the other. I placed all the pieces in the freezer (on parchment paper) while I fried up some bacon. I only needed two strips. I made more of course and we enjoyed the bacon à la carte while I worked on the rest of the treats.

Once the bacon was cool, I pulled out the banana pieces and attempted to smear a little bit of almond butter on each one and top it with bacon. This is not easy to master however I persevered.


Then I sandwiched them together and placed them back in the freezer to firm up.


Next I used two pans to make a double broiler and I melted some organic dark chocolate chips. Maybe about a 1/2 cup; I was totally just eye-balling it all. When the chocolate was melted, I grabbed my bananas and ran them through the chocolate, coating one end.


Then, back in the freezer. That night we dusted them with cinnamon and tried a couple after dinner.


The verdict? Good flavors. Not so good execution. The “bites” are too big to eat in one bite and if you try to eat them in small bites, they tend to make a mess. Not so much for me but Don just couldn’t handle the small bites. LOL  He was encouraged by the combination though and wants to try again, making the pieces small enough to pop all in one bite.

Don’t live life like it’s another day, but live life like it’s your last day. 
~ Anthony Liccione



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