Movie Monday – Breaking Dawn Part 2, Once Upon a Time

I can’t believe I suggested we rent Breaking Dawn Part 2. I guess my senses left me. I think that I thought that since we bothered to watch all the previous movies that it sort of made sense to watch the end. It was the best book of the 4, if anything good can be said about the books at all. (Yes, I read them. It pains me to admit it.) So I expected this last installment to be the best movie. And it was. Certainly a gazillion times more interesting than the others. I won’t go into all the copious reason why I dislike hate the series. There’s really no point because people either love it or hate it. I won’t change the minds of the Twihards and I’m preaching to the choir to the rest. So, to sum up. We watched it. It wasn’t terrible. The end.

We’ve also been watching Once Upon a Time (Season 1) via Netflix. I watched the pilot when it first aired on tv and was interested in the concept behind the show. We are just so terrible at watching tv when it airs. We missed part of The Walking Dead last night because it’s just a pain the rear to adjust your life around tv showtimes. I really appreciate services like Netflix that allow you to watch when it’s convenient for you. Even if we are often behind in the story and not able to talk with others about the most recent episodes. Of course a DVR also provides a much greater freedom from television programming; we just don’t have one.

As for Once, it is a fun show. It’s gained enough attention that it is in its second season now and I hope it continues to be a strong show. The episodes are a mix of “reality” and fantasy. The premise is that all storybook characters from fairy tales like Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood, etc. have been banished from fairy tale land to our world by Snow White’s stepmother, the Evil Queen. They are all living in a town called Storybrooke, living “normal” lives and they don’t know their true identities. Everyone is separate from their partner (Snow White isn’t with Prince Charming) and is in some way or another living unhappily. (No happy endings.) No one can leave the town; the Evil Queen is the only one who knows the truth and she rules the town as mayor. It’s all very interesting. Each episode you get bits and pieces of a character’s original fairy tale story in flashbacks set against the current story of their life in Storybrooke. To add conflict to this already convoluted idea, Snow White had a daughter, Emma, who was sent to the real world as a baby to protect her from the Evil Queen, before they were all banished. Emma in turn had a son in our world. He is the adopted son of the Evil Queen in Storybrooke. He is immune to the ‘spell’ and is trying to break the curse by reuniting with his birth mother and enlisting her help – she is immune too. Emma believes her son is simply struggling with his identity and humors him to help him manage what she believes is possibly abandonment or other emotional issues. Created by the writers of LOST, I can only imagine where this series might go. If you haven’t checked out Once yet, I highly recommend it.

Rumplestiltskin: No one comes to see me without a deal in mind.
Once, 2011



  1. So with you on Twilight- yes, I read the damn books, too. There’s some hours of my life I’ll never get back.

    Also, with you on Once- REALLY enjoying this show! I love that the whole family can watch it together. There aren’t very many shows that appeal to such a wide range in ages: 9-43.

    Have a great week!


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