Wine Stopper Display

We recently visited Don’s cousin in Texas, who is a fellow fan of wine, and she had some pretty cool accessories to her kitchen related to wine. She turned me on to Wine Enthusiast which has all sorts of neat ideas. I’ve been saving corks for over a year with the hopeful plan to make a wine cork board at some point but not really knowing where I would get the frame. I just assumed I’d eventually scour the shelves at a local hobby store looking for something or that perhaps Don would build me something from scratch. But, even easier, I now have all sorts of examples from! Awesome. Thanks Janna for the tips!

Also, during our same trip to Texas, Don’s mom gave us a wine stopper as a gift – thanks Jean! I initially felt bad because we never use our pretty wine stoppers, the bottles just won’t fit in the fridge and we don’t have any way to display them so they just get relegated to the back of a drawer. That’s no fun! After my inspiration at Janna’s house, I decided we needed a display rack that would allow us to enjoy our wine stoppers – which we have been collecting for a few years.

Check it out!


It holds 6 stoppers and I only have 5 so I even have room to grow! I totally love this simple little solution. And all my pretty stoppers make me smile. 🙂

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
~ W.C. Fields



    1. I bought mine from Amazon and I meant to include a link. It’s added now (under the photo.) But if you google “wine stopper rack” you’ll find all sorts of options!


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