Movie Monday – Rise of the Guardians, Skyfall

It seems that Rise of the Guardians didn’t get many positive reviews but we really enjoyed it. I will admit that it was a little slow to start and some of the story was a little awkward/odd but overall it was fun. And that’s a key requisite for me. It’s sort of The Avengers meets childhood mythic heroes, which is a little weird, but also sweet. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Jack Frost team up to defeat the Boogeyman. I know, sounds weird. But it does come together in a heartfelt story about belief, childhood innocence, and companionship. In the end, I found myself smiling and cheering for the heroes. Some may argue that the mythology behind the Guardians is sketchy, and I won’t disagree, but for the sake of the fun I’m willing to overlook it. Oh, and the animation is outstanding. So that helps too.

I’m not sure what I was hoping to get from watching Skyfall. Clearly, it was made for fans of the Bond franchise; lots of little things sprinkled through the film that I’m sure would excite the interest of die-hard Bond fans. But all that just missed the mark for us. I couldn’t help thinking, I’d rather be watching Archer. (Season 3 on Netflix, Baby!) LOL  There were some good action sequences and some eye-catching film effects in Skyfall but other than that, it was simply a mediocre action film by my tastes. (Call me not-so-sophisticated. I don’t mind.) 🙂

 “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”
~ Dr. Seuss


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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like Skyfall. It was the first Bond movie I have ever seen and I loved it! Maybe it is one of those that is best seen on the big screen. We will have to check out Archer if we ever have time in our lives.


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