New Boots: LOVE

Back in January we went for a nature stroll in a nearby park and I found that I was sorely lacking a pair of shoes boots for trudging through wet or muddy ground. It was quite wet from winter rains back then and Don had to carry me through some areas because I wore my favorite walking shoes, my Minimus New Balance shoes. They were not the right tool for that adventure.

Enter the Ahnu Montara.


I found these babies at Cabela’s in Texas during our week-long vacation in February. I have only had the chance (since the weather is warming up now) to wear them a few times but I am so in LOVE.


They have Vibram soles and are simply the most minimal boot I’ve ever seen.


I dislike the height of many hiking shoes/boots, they are almost always just too low, hitting the bone on my ankle, which is just plain uncomfortable for me. These are the perfect height and they are not bulky around the ankle like so many traditional styles of hiking shoes or boots. They are also very lightweight. Score!


Ahnu has also created a new technology called Numentum®:

“a neutral positioning system engineered to encourage your foot’s natural biomechanics. It is designed to center and guide the foot to promote an efficient, stable and balanced stride.”

If you are a fellow minimal shoe lover and you’re on the lookout for a good pair of boots that won’t load you down and that has a strong sturdy sole, check out Ahnu. True, they were not cheap at $148 plus tax. But finding something that actually got me excited to wear on my feet (when the need arises) = priceless. Don has shoe envy now (for the first time) too; they didn’t have any styles for men or I’m sure we would have walked out with two pair. As it is, he’s still recovering from his knee surgery and not likely to do any serious hiking until cooler weather in the fall so it’s on our long-term shopping list to get him a pair, eventually. 🙂

Plus my boots were made of awesome.
~ Gwen Hayes, Let Me Call You Sweetheart

**Please note, I have not been compensated in any way for my opinion; I simply like to share my experiences of new products that wow me with others.


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