Reader Replacement

I’ve been a Google Reader user for the last two years and of course, it’s being phased out now as many already know. So I’m on the search for a replacement. I’m giving feedly a try but I’m having growing pains with my adjustment. I’d love input from anyone else who follows a lot of blogs and uses a reader program. What do you use and why does it work for you? I liked using Google Reader so I didn’t bog down my email with update notifications. I follow roughly 50 blogs and at this point I’m often not able to really give much time to reading many of them at all. So I just like having a place where I can scroll through unread posts and scan for those that I want to expand and view. I think feedly may be the solution, I may just need to give it time so I get accustomed to the different look of it all.

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.
~ Viktor E. Frankl



  1. So, is this where I can make a comment? Go figure that I would have it figured out just when you decide to stop ‘thejourneyoftwo’ blog! I am a mess! Have a great rest of your day. Love Jean


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