Movie Monday – The Adventures of Merlin, Life of Pi

We’ve been watching The Adventures of Merlin for a few weeks now. It’s a BBC series that revolves around the characters of Arthur and Merlin but it doesn’t follow the traditional Arthurian legends. In this fun and different version, Arthur and Merlin are both in their late adolescence. Merlin is acting as Arthur’s manservant and Arthur is not quite King yet. We have only just started Season 2 and it’s not the best thing we’ve ever seen, there are gaps in the story that go unexplained sometimes, the effects are somewhat low-budget, but it’s fun and entertaining so these few slights are forgivable. Personally, I’ve always loved Arthurian legends, having read a numbers of books on the period, so I find it incredibly interesting to see the characters and plots presented in new ways. If you want to check it out you can find it on Netflix, available for streaming.

Life of Pi is introspective and interesting. It is visually stunning and the story is captivating. I don’t want to go into any great detail because I think the less you know about it, the better the experience. I’ll simply say, we enjoyed it.

“Beware what you speak,” said the Merlin very softly, “for indeed the words we speak make shadows of what is to come, and by speaking them we bring them to pass, my king.”
~ Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon


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