Spicy Seafood Balls

Don came up with this spontaneous concoction last weekend. When you see the list of ingredients, some of you will think, “what??” But appearances can be deceiving; these balls were deliciously delightful. 🙂

This was one day that I was busy with other projects while Don was cooking so I didn’t get a full report of the process. The best I can do is provide you with the list of ingredients and hope that it sparks a creative interest. You’ll have to fill in the blanks and go with your instincts on measurements; I’ve also linked a few other similar recipes below that include specific quantities if needed.


  • about 5 oz of ground turkey
  • 5 oz can of salmon
  • handful of small shrimp
  • 2 eggs
  • celery, finely chopped
  • sweet onion, finely chopped
  • chili garlic paste (or garlic for those non-spicy folks)
  • shredded coconut
  • coconut flour
  • fish fry

Don pulsed the shrimp in the food processor to reduce it to a more mixable texture and then mixed the turkey, salmon, and shrimp together. Sort of like starting out chicken salad or tuna fish mix. Then he added the eggs, celery, sweet onion, garlic, shredded coconut, and coconut flour. He made balls a bit bigger than golf balls, rolled them in fish fry, and fried them in lard until browned, and then for a few extra minutes just to be sure the seafood was thoroughly cooked.



We topped them with a little homemade cocktail sauce – ketchup and horseradish. YUM!


We made 6 balls and froze the rest for another day.


Prior to the seafood ball invention, Don had experimented with canned salmon and turkey to make burgers and they were outstanding. So if you don’t like frying, here’s an alternative meal that you can make from the above ingredients.

2013-04-18 16.58.45

2013-04-18 17.26.36

A cookbook must have recipes, but it shouldn’t be a blueprint. It should be inspirational; it should be a guide.
~ Thomas Keller

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