Reflections on The Journey

Well, I’ve hit my two year mark. It came and went a couple of weeks ago actually. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I started up this little hobby. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed connecting to like-minded people around the world through the magic of cyberspace. I also go to the recipe page to recall how to make things from time to time so the blog has been a great resource to me that way.

But… (you saw that coming, right?)

I’m just not sure about continuing the blog. Some of you may have noticed a slight change in my tone or the erratic, lessened frequency of my posts over the last few months. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe I over think it all. I have definitely noticed my lack of drive from time to time. I’ve been struggling for maybe nine months now, going back and forth about whether I’m really enjoying myself and want to keep it up, or whether I’m just doing it out of habit. It’s been especially difficult to continue ever since the last two friends that were facebook holdouts, finally joined the world of facebook. 🙂 That’s because part of the reason I started the blog was to share things with far-flung friends and family and to have a one-stop shop for doing so. A handful of these people were not on facebook at the time and I was energized by the discovery of the blogging format. It was new (to me) and exciting. But now, it seems like it would make life so much easier if I just let the blog go and became more active on facebook. I can still post book reviews on GoodReads, which in turn post to my facebook profile. I believe I could be connected a bit more “real-time” on facebook; many of my blog posts are written days after they have taken place which can make it feel like old news to me which in turn affects my enthusiasm and energy while writing. It would be nice to be able to spout off a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down on a movie via facebook when I see it, instead of waiting for the next Movie Monday.

I’ve also found myself wanting to step away from the computer and just enjoy doing all the things in my life, without thinking about how they might fit into the blog. Without focusing on getting the right photo so I can blog about it later. Without drafting blog posts in my head while doing an activity. Without fretting about really wanting to write something up but not having the time or the tools in the moment, and then feeling discouraged later when trying to write and all the inspiration has slipped away.

I think I spend way too much time thinking about this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about writing this post and then didn’t. Or I tried to start and then stopped. Or I drafted something in my head and then forgot. And in the end how much time I’ve spent writing and re-writing this final version. Seriously. What is wrong with me? LOL

If I did decide to let the blog fade in obscurity (isn’t it already?) I would lose that connection with both parental units who are not facebook users. Still, I’m not sure they would view it as a huge loss. We’ve still got email and phone calls. Perhaps they would view it as a relief to not have so much information coming from me all the time. You never know.

I don’t take the decision to quit the blog lightly. I really enjoy sharing things with people. I don’t want to lose my connections with others out there. I have a fairly small circle of real people I interact with daily and my online connections via email, facebook, and the blog keep me company and help me not feel so isolated. But I feel a lot of pressure to be regular with my posts. Everything I read about blogging says you aren’t relevant if you don’t have a regular schedule and any time I have a few days go by without a post, I get all worked up about it internally. Maybe I’m just worried about something that isn’t really something I should worry about. But I’ve had yet to figure out how to turn that off.

I’m not saying I’m signing off yet. I just wonder…is it time to let it go?

Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.
~ Plato 



  1. Hey Jessica. Just do what ‘you’ think is right. Do things that make you feel good. Don’t worry about other people’s rules about blogging.


  2. Hi Jessica, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I also know that I don’t want it to be a job for you. So, bottom line – I will support whatever decision you make about your blog. Just promise me that you will still let us know what is going on in yours and Don’s lives. Have a great weekend and I hope to chat with you soon. Love Jean


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