A New Perch

Milo likes the oddest places. He definitely prefers perching on top of things if he can. He had, a few week ago, found a new spot on top of the new gun safe we bought, but Olli quickly found his hiding place (thanks to a little help from Don) and ruined it. Since then we’ve re-taken the area for storage and it’s hasn’t worked out to Milo’s liking for perching, so he’s had to search for other spots to lord over his humans. The printer seems to suit him quite well. Much to our dismay. Thankfully, he doesn’t make his bed here often.




Yes, you may worship the paw. Kiss the paw. But don’t touch me.


Here’s my good side. Did you get it?


All my minions look up to me.

A cat is only technically an animal, being divine.
~ Robert Lynd



  1. My cat loves the printer, too. She’s fascinated by it when it’s actually printing. Perhaps each cat is secretly a writer!


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