Movie Monday – Iron Man 3, Silver Linings Playbook, The Double, The Darwin Awards, Star Trek: Into Darkness

Yay! We finally made it to Iron Man 3! It was good. A lot of fun. Very fast paced, as usual. Maybe a little too much going on… If I wanted to be critical, I would say that the plot wasn’t as solid as the first two and I could sit and pick apart a few things that didn’t get explained well enough. But, I’d rather just say it was fun and not tear it apart. Everything moves so fast in the movie, it kind of prevents you from saying, “Hey, wait, how did that work?” Despite that, there were some other really good things going on in the story, like Stark experiencing some very human issues as a result of working with the Avengers and fighting multi-dimensional aliens the last time we saw him. So if you’re a fan of the comics, the Iron Man series, and all that, this installment might not be your favorite but it’s still worth watching.

I was under the weather for a few days last week so I’ve got a few more reviews than usual. (Yes, I’m feeling better now, thank you.) 🙂

Silver Linings Playbook is an interesting movie. It was slow to start and at times I flat-out just didn’t like it. But I wasn’t doing anything else except not feeling well so I kept watching and in the end I have to say I liked it. It’s a strange mix of crazy weirdness. It is difficult to give you a one or two-liner about the plot of this movie if you aren’t familiar with it. The film explores the idea that each and every person has some level of mental dysfunction, some diagnosable serious problems, and some just individual quirkiness. Within that context, the story centers around a man who is recovering from a traumatic event. His life intersects with a woman who struggles with her own trauma and dysfunction. Together they try to make sense of life. It’s a film that’s received a lot of praise for acting, cinematography, soundtrack, and just about every aspect of film making, so if you like drama and explorations of the human condition don’t pass this one by.

The Double is a spy movie (2011) starring Topher Grace and Richard Gere. It was odd in that some details are given away early in the film that I thought might spoil the story but surprisingly it didn’t. There were things the movie kept me guessing about and it had some twists towards the end that I didn’t anticipate. Not the best spy movie I’ve ever seen but for a free couple hours of entertainment it did the job.

The Darwin Awards is an independent film (2006) with a cast full of many familiar faces, including Winona Ryder, Joseph Fiennes, David Arquette, Juliette Lewis, and even Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters; but the movie wasn’t as laugh out loud funny as I would have liked. It’s an adventure comedy that follows the story of two characters who investigate insurance claims based on Darwin Award scenarios. It was entertaining enough while I was couch-bound and sickly. But not something I’d go out of my way to recommend.

And finally, the best for last. Star Trek: Into Darkness was simply awesome. I cannot even put into words how much I love Star Trek and how much I enjoyed this recent addition to the franchise. All I can say is make another! 🙂

People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.
~ Nicole Yatsonsky


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