Movie Monday – Man of Steel, Side Effects

I stayed away from reviews of Man of Steel as much as I could so my perception wouldn’t be marred by other people’s opinions. Regardless, I did have really high expectations. The few people I know that saw it before me raved about it, simply claiming it “excellent” and “epic” so I was excited to see it.  Unfortunately, the movie left me feeling somehow not satisfied. Don loved it and he’s frustrated with my dissatisfaction. He thinks I’m being too critical. I don’t even have any specific complaints! In fact, there are plenty of good elements that I could rattle off (excellent score for one) but that doesn’t change the fact that something just didn’t work for me. Trolling through reviews now to see what the critics are saying I can see I’m not the only one who feels this way. That makes me feel marginally better. I’m sorry to that I can’t give Man of Steel a glowing review, but that doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you not see it. You might love it. Plenty of people do.

Side Effects is about a young woman struggling with depression and who experiences some strange and unsettling side effects of antidepressant drugs. Although, there’s more to it than that but telling you anything more would spoil all the good parts of the movie. However, watching Side Effects was almost like watching two movies. I was bored out of my mind for the first 40 minutes or so, unable to relate or feel any sympathy for the character, wondering what possessed me to give this film a try. Then…it got interesting. It has some very creepy moments. The film also raises interesting questions about pharmaceuticals and the medical industry, specifically the mental health industry. If you’re interested in this movie, I wouldn’t put you off. Just be prepared for the first part to be slow. I think it was worth watching despite that because the rest of the movie was very interesting and had some twists and turns that took me completely by surprise. Which was a pleasant surprise when so many movies these days are ridiculously predictable.

Evil is a point of view. 
~ Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire


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