Movie Monday – Identity Thief, A Good Day to Die Hard, Despicable Me 2

Despite all the lackluster reviews I’m reading, we quite enjoyed Identify Thief. Sure it’s a bit unrealistic but what movie isn’t? I was looking for some laughs, actually not expecting a lot from the movie, and came away really glad that I picked it up from Redbox. As the title implies, the plot is about an identity thief and one of her victims who decides to try to catch her and clear his name. It’s fun, silly, and even has a little heart in it. I say give it a chance. You might like it. 🙂

A Good Day to Die Hard was NOT worth the time. I could see many parallels to the first movie which were probably intentional but all it made me think was how much better the first movie was. We should have just watched Die Hard again and skipped this latest installment.

Despicable Me 2 was tons of fun. We really enjoyed it. Now that Gru has gone “good” he is recruited to help solve a case (and catch a villain) for the Anti-Villain League. And there’s minions. Lots and lots of minions. Of course we had to see it in 3D which is always fun and they threw in a some extras during the credits that were dazzling in 3D. Totally worth it.

The secret to humor is surprise.
~ Aristotle 


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