Reading Corner – Killer Sweet Tooth

killersweettoothI’ve been waiting for Catching Fire to come in at the library for me so I picked up a couple of other random books, just to pass the time. Killer Sweet Tooth is not my typical fare but it filled the gap. It’s the third book in a mystery series by Gayle Trent called the Daphne Martin Cake Mystery series. I knew it wasn’t the first book in the series but I wasn’t overly concerned because books like these are generally written in such a way that you can read them stand alone or as a series. Which is true in this case. I got enough of Daphne’s back-story to understand the character Trent has created and how the series centers around Daphne. I think that part is done well and that Trent created an interesting hook in the Daphne character – a battered wife who finally had enough, escaped her now jailed husband, and who is starting over as a cake decorator in a small town where mystery and murders seem to follow. Despite my ability to appreciate the foundation of the series, I didn’t love the book. It’s just not the kind of story that really energizes me. I skimmed it quickly and found it satisfying enough to fill my time until I could pick up Catching Fire today. It is written well though so I would recommend it readers who like lighthearted mysteries and quirky characters.

The most dangerous food is wedding cake.
~ American proverb


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