Movie Monday – Admission, Mud

What a HUGE mis-fire for me. I thought Admission was a comedy. Apparently it’s technically labeled a comedy-drama. And it’s definitely drama. Not that it didn’t have it’s moments of funny. But most of the jokes were not silly, fun jokes, they were bittersweet, laced with family dysfunction or dry humor. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We were just in the mood for something fun and light and Admission was not that. It is a drama that deals with the heavy theme of giving a child up for adoption at a young age and unexpectedly facing the possibility of meeting that child by chance later in life, and all the collateral damage that comes along with it. Not wanting to spoil anything, I won’t say anything more than that. It’s a good story. Well-rounded and well-played, if perhaps sometimes predictable and clichéd. Just not our cup of tea. We both felt bummed out after watching it.

I picked up Mud, based on the high 7.7 rating on IMDb – I can usually count on the ratings to be in line with what I think of movies. This time, not so much. Mud was ok. It is a coming of age story of two young boys in the south who cross paths with a man on the run from bounty hunters. The boys get involved more than they should and learn a few things along the way. I give points for the original story but the drama genre just doesn’t appeal. Poor Don came home and got stuck watching it too. I rented it thinking I was going to be home alone and knowing dramas aren’t really his style. When it was over he said, “worst movie ever!” But that’s his comment anytime he doesn’t LOVE something. lol  It wasn’t terrible. Just slow and slightly anticlimactic.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
~ George Sand 


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