Movie Monday – Elysium and lots of TV shows

Hmm. Elysium is a mixed bag. I’ve seen some fairly good reviews and it has a pretty decent IMDb rating. Yet…there so MANY holes in the story. It was entertaining and yet dissatisfying at the same time. We argued about various issues each of us had with the story all the way home from the theater. That’s not really how I like to leave a movie. lol  Still, I wouldn’t say it’s so bad as to skip it. If you enjoy sci-fi it might be a great rainy day rental. I just question a lot of elements that aren’t explained enough for me to feel like it was a solid film.

This week was a big week of checking out tv shows that we’ve been interested in but because we don’t have a DVR and we don’t have the patience to watch when something airs, we end up waiting until the show is available for streaming on Netflix. So this week we checked out Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad, and Revolution.

I’ll start with Revolution because it ranks lowest out of the three IMO. I had been really interested in watching Revolution when it first aired but I have to say I’m disappointed. We watched 4 episodes because I think we want to like it. We are surprised that we don’t like it, given the end-of-the-world survival plot-line. But it just isn’t working for us. Too many things are unexplained, purposely no doubt. The story seems to have a Lost-like quality of springing big reveals to create cliff-hanger moments that will keep you coming back for more but it just feels like a tired convention that I don’t have the patience for.

As two of the most popular cable shows out there, most already know Hell on Wheels and Breaking Bad are both highly rated. I actually did watch the premiere of Hell on Wheels when it first aired because I was very interested in it. But, as is often the case, I wasn’t able to keep up with it real time. Besides, it’s so much better when we can sit and watch 3, 4, or 5 episodes in a row. Indulge much? 🙂 Hell on Wheels is good. I like it. But I don’t LOVE it. Given the choice, I’d rather watch Mad Men or Falling Skies but the wild west expansion via railroad with Hell on Wheels fills the gap while we wait for the latest seasons of those favorites to come available.

Breaking Bad is interesting. I had no idea it was about a man who has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and therefore turns to a life of crime to secure the financial future of his family. Talk about original and different! Weird too. Right now we are simply captivated by the strangeness of it all with equal parts of horror and humor. It is odd. We’ve only watched two episodes so far. I’m sure we’ll watch more. We have trouble with both Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels being more heavy and dramatic than we typically prefer; we break it up with episodes of Merlin which we are still enjoying and which tends to be more lighthearted and even silly at times.

There is a price attached to everything.
~ Cullen Bohannon, Hell on Wheels


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