Fantastic Feats

Olli can JUMP.


I had no idea. Tubby little guy can really get some air.

I’ve been trying like crazy to get some good pictures of these fantastic aerial feats.


But it’s difficult!



I even bought a remote for the camera to allow me to set the camera on the tripod and activate it from the floor while I play with him. Milo watches but rarely gets involved. I can get him to jump too, but he’s always been a jumper since he was a kitten. This past month is the first time I ever saw Olli jump. And he launches himself in the air. It’s rather cute.



He does tend to clam up a bit when I’ve got the camera flashing and clicking in the background though. I only get a few chances and then he’s done.



And…that’s it for today.




A cat can purr its way out of anything. 
~ Donna McCrohan


  1. What a cutie! Great pictures. My cat doesn’t jump a lot, but when she gets excited about something, it is amazing to see how high she can go. Gotta love those kitty back legs.


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