Movie Monday – EPIC, We’re the Millers

EPIC is a cute movie. Not awesome but fun and entertaining. A teenager who is having trouble relating to her father is magically shrunk and discovers a miniature world of people, waging a battle between good and evil that controls the forces of nature around us. It was good. Some good messages for kids. Some warm and fuzzies. Some good graphics. All in all, a good rainy day movie but not something I would rate as high as Wreck it Ralph or How to Train Your Dragon.

We’re the Millers is NOT for the kids. But. O.M.G. It is hilarious. Enjoyed it immensely. Small-time drug dealer gets roped into a major smuggling deal and enlists two neighbors (a stripper and a straight-laced teenager) and a homeless teenager to pose as his family as a cover to bring the drugs over the border. Lots of hijinks ensue. SO. Funny. BUT, definitely a certain type of humor. There was a middle-aged couple that walked about about halfway through loudly saying, “Terrible movie! Terrible.” LOL  So, be warned. Steer clear of this one if crude humor isn’t your thing. Despite the crude jokes though, I have to say, I think it is a well put together story. Sure, a lot of it is unrealistic and not likely but it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Just a good ol’ comedy if you’re up for some laughs and silliness.

Yeah, or send one of those damn text messages you’re always sending out there – “Hey it’s me Casey, I’m not dead in a ditch. LOL, little picture of a fuckin’ whale, #YOLO”.
~ David, We’re the Millers


One comment

  1. I decided not to see the millers since their entire marketing campaign focused on seeing Jennifer Aniston strip. Not entirely a bad marketing decision on their part, but not enough to drag me into a theater for 90 minutes.


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