Movie Monday – Now You See Me, The Black Cauldron

Now You See Me is a film about a group of street magicians who use their skills to shock audiences, and for some, to con their way through life. They come together for unknown reasons and begin doing shows that walk the line of legality and that are in-explainable enough that the authorities cannot charge them. It’s very big stage, with over-the-top illusions. It was very interesting. I wouldn’t say it was a totally outstanding movie but it was entertaining. It kept us guessing all the way through, although I got close with my guesses of “who done it” towards the reveal. It’s definitely a must see if you like crime thrillers, mystery, or magic.

The Black Cauldron is an older Disney movie from 1985. It’s about an evil king (who looks like a skeleton!) that wants to rule the world with an undead army. A young boy unintentionally becomes entangled in preventing the king from raising his army using the dark magic of the black cauldron. It’s not the most well constructed story. I’d say the most interesting thing is marveling over how dark the story is. I saw it in the theaters when I was 8 and now I know why I have such a strong sense of fear from the experience. It’s not your typical lighthearted Disney that’s for sure.

Dylan Hobbs:   Can you explain to me how you went from Las Vegas to Paris in three seconds?
Atlas:   What do the kids call it these days ? Oh, magic.
~ Now You See Me, 2013

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