Movie Monday – This is the End, Parker

This is the End is a silly apocalyptic movie based on a group of friends who are together for a party when the end of the world comes. Oh, and the actors don’t play fictional characters, but rather, themselves. Ok. Fictional versions of themselves. Still. Puts a different spin on the story which I thought was fun. Don made the comment the next day that he had mixed feelings about the movie; that it had some really funny parts and some really dumb parts. Well, what comedy doesn’t have a little of both? I would go even further to say that a couple of the sketch ideas in the story aren’t even fully resolved. *shrug* Doesn’t make or break the movie IMO. It was fun, silly, indulgent entertainment which was just the sort we were looking for the night we watched.

We finally watched Parker last week as well. I’ve been wanting to see it for ages! Not that it’s a major hit or a must-see for most people, but I like Jason Statham movies. (He does a lot of his own stunts, which I think is pretty cool. And. Yeah. He’s not bad on the eyes. 🙂 ) Essentially, the plot centers around a professional thief who is double-crossed by his team early in the film. I noticed during the opening credits that the movie is adapted from a book, Flashfire (one of many in a character series by Donald Westlake.) I also noticed as the story unfolded that it really felt like bits and pieces of a novel or larger story. It’s a bit longer than your typical action film but I thought it worked. The violence was more gritty than some films but it didn’t go too far to turn me off. The action is more believable if such a thing can be said of anything that we know is simply acting and special effects. All in all, I liked it. I might even add Flashfire to my reading list.

Craig Robinson: We are actors! We pretend to be hard but we soft as baby shit!
~ This Is The End, 2013


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