I’ve Been Pinned!

I have been continually perplexed for some time that one of my very early recipe experiments (Beef Stew and Almond Flour Dumplings) was constantly popping up in my stats traffic. Like daily.

I kept wondering, what IS it about that recipe/page?

Did I tag it in some way that made it more searchable? I couldn’t quite figure it out. So recently I took a few extra minutes to dig around in my traffic stats to see if I could determine the source from there.

Lo and behold. It was PINTEREST.

Really? People are pinning my stuff? Aww, shucks. NOW I get it. And I suddenly understand how powerful Pinterest can be as a social media tool.

BTW, I’m completely humbled by this discovery. A very warm THANK YOU to all the folks who are pinning things I’ve shared.

It is a trip to see all the pins to my blog and to be able to see what people are pinning and saying. I didn’t even know you COULD see a summary like that. Apparently, you can.

Folks are pinning things like…

Pumpkin Chicken Casserole
Pumpkin Walnut Muffins
Pumpkin Pancakes
Cup of Spiced Pumpkin
(Of course, everything pumpkin in the fall. 🙂 )
Pear Muffins
Cucumber Relish made with honey
Chicken Parmesean
Spaghetti Squash (BTW, I’ve got something new to update how to cook your spaghetti squash and a new way to serve it! Stay tuned.)

As for the dumplings, which is why people are pinning that first post I mentioned, they are ok but not out of this world. Definitely not the first thing that would come to mind if you asked me to name my favorite dish or recipe. I’ve only ever made them a couple of times. I’m SURE there are other recipes out there that have better results. But if it helps get people interested in alternative ways of cooking and baking, or connects them to some other new idea, product, or food, and perhaps leads to something more, then I’m pleased to be part of that journey.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
~ Omar Khayyam 



    1. Really? I had seen that WordPress was maybe adding ads to sites but they never showed up for me. I just tried viewing from Don’s phone and nothing there either. Weird. I don’t have control over that. 😦 Unless I start hosting my own site which I’ve considered but would cost me more than it would benefit me thus far.


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