Movie Monday – Redemption, The Croods, Monsters University

Redemption is not your typical Jason Statham movie. It’s a little low-key, with more human interest and drama than high-octane action. It’s an interesting story surrounding the life of a British special forces soldier after he has defected. I wish they would have expanded the back story more so I could more completely understand why he went AWOL. But, perhaps the vagueness was intentional. I got the gist. He participated in terrible things. The trauma scarred him. He broke and ran. His life one year later can hardly be described as living. He falls (literally) into a situation that gives him the means to turn his life around, although not quite legally. The title seems to hint at more redemption of character than I feel really takes place; however, I found the story compelling and I enjoyed it.

The Croods is a fun-filled animated movie about a family of cavemen. They have survived by keeping to their cave and squashing all curiosity and avoiding all that is new or unknown. Their teenage daughter is chafing under the rule of her father who warns, “New is always bad! Never not be afraid.” However, she longs to leave the cave, to explore, and learn. Then the world starts to change and they all have to face the unknown head-on in order to survive. It’s a fun movie. We really liked it. Lots of feel good moments and good messages. I always enjoy a movie that makes me smile almost the whole time so much more than something that makes me tense or frightened. We give The Croods two big thumbs up!

We also watched Monsters University last week and while it was fun and well done, I didn’t like it as much as The Croods. Watching them back to back, one day then the next, probably didn’t give MU much of a chance. After enjoying The Croods so much the day before, MU just didn’t live up to that level of fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, and I liked it but I didn’t LOVE it and between the two Monsters movies, I like the first one a lot better. Don seemed to enjoy it but he was super tired and tried nodding off a couple of times. If we could have watched it the next day I would have suggested we wait but he had to go back to work the next day so it was power through or not watch it at all. LOL

Tonight, we’ll hear the story of Crispy Bear. A long time ago, this little bear was alive. She was alive, because she listened to her father, so she was happy. But Crispy had one terrible problem, she was filled with…curiosity! [everyone gasps] Yes! And one day, she saw something new and died!
~ Grug, The Croods, 2013


  1. OMG, Croods is my new favorite movie. Thankfully, the kids are in love with it, so it is on a lot. Every morning when Darren wakes up, someone says, “Release the baby!” and when someone gets hurt, I declare, “Still alive!” and we all laugh. Best. Movie. Ever. wish I would have seen it in the theatre.


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