Movie Monday – The Purge

I was uncertain about The Purge; it looked like a serial killer horror movie type film, which I generally prefer to let Don watch with his male buddies. But he really wanted to watch it and insisted that it was more futuristic, sci-fi, not a slasher-killer type. So I took a chance and braved The Purge over the weekend. It was…interesting. The premise of the story is that in the future, we have evolved into a near crime-less state of being, due to the fact that once a year, for a 12 hour period, all crime, including murder is sanctioned and nothing is considered illegal. Rampant, unbridled violence is allowed and encouraged by the government for this set period of time each year. It is speculated in the film that it is the government’s way of controlling the public by allowing the weak and poor to be culled each year by the strong and wealthy. Many well-off citizens do not participate, simply locking down their homes with elaborate security systems during The Purge. But others, look forward to their entitled right to violence and murder – almost as a way of staying sane in their high-demanding, Stepford wives reality the rest of the year. It’s an odd blend of concepts and twists of reality. And all in all, it’s not half bad. Not disturbing in the ways I was afraid it would be, but perhaps in other, quietly creepy ways. It’s definitely entertaining.


What do you think?

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