Movie Monday – Ender’s Game, The Heat

We finally made it to the theater to see Ender’s Game! I read the book in September and I’ve been eager to see the movie adaptation ever since. I’m glad we went. Don really seemed to enjoy it. I liked it; I didn’t love it. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s almost like reading a book beforehand ruins the movie for me. The plot centers around a young boy who is training to fight in an army in a futuristic society that breeds super soldier children and trains them ruthlessly to be the ultimate defense against an alien force. I think they did a great job of hitting most of the high points and conveying certain ideas. But at the same time, they had to leave so much out. I really grilled Don afterwards about his thoughts since he hasn’t read the book and I was curious whether it seemed disjointed or smooth, whether he followed all the ideas or if he ever felt lost. It seemed to work fine for him. Although, he was able to guess where the story was going and predicted the twist before it happened. I find that disappointing. But it didn’t seem to bother him. So, all in all, good movie. Maybe a great movie if you haven’t read the book.

The Heat is an action cop-comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Two polar opposite personalities must join forces to capture a criminal. It was fun, completely ridiculous at times, and annoying at others. There were a lot of scenes that inaccurately portrayed law enforcement agent authority. That sort of thing bothers me because it is misleading. It also happens so quickly and casually in the film that the average person, who doesn’t fully understand their rights, may believe that it is normal, acceptable behavior on the part of the officer. I know. It’s meant to be a comedy and not taken seriously but it’s a comedy rooted in a real life setting. Often the lines between fiction and reality are blurred and it’s easy to mistakenly believe parts that look real but that are also fiction. I find that bothersome. But, aside from all that, it was an entertaining and fun buddy-cop movie. 

[to bartender] Mullins: Give me a whiskey?
[bartender pours her a drink]
Bartender: Fourteen dollars.
Mullins: Fourteen dollars??? Is it magic f***ing whiskey? Do I get a motorcycle with it? Is it gonna be served with Jesus’s shoe?
~ Melissa McCarthy, The Heat, 2013

(This quote had me rolling during the movie because earlier this year I paid $20 for a whiskey at the airport and the line from Mullins was precisely how I felt at the time.)


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