Movie Monday – The Internship, Catching Fire

The Internship is a buddy comedy with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson who are middle-aged salesmen who lose their jobs and attempt to break into the tech industry through an internship with Google. The story is a little flat and nonsensical at times (some scenes not feeling entirely related or connected to the rest of the story) but we still laughed. Whether it was from the joke or from the ridiculousness of the scene, it didn’t really matter to us. We weren’t looking for high-brow entertainment with this one, just some lighthearted fun. All in all it was a good time, heartwarming and silly and just what you would expect from a bromance comedy.

We went out on opening weekend to see Catching Fire. Holy crap was the theater full. We arrived early enough to get good seats but without standing in line first. Luckily. The movie was good. Like with Ender’s Game, I had so much anticipation and having read the story before, I end up feeling slightly disappointed and deflated. I’ve read the book and then listened to it on audiobook recently with Don as well so it was still pretty fresh in my mind. Kind of reaffirms I shouldn’t read something in close succession to watching the movie version. It’s so hard to let the written version go and watch the movie on its own terms. A couple of details were changed for easier presentation on-screen (book readers will know what I’m talking about) and of course a lot of things had to be left out. However, they did a fair job of hitting the high points and making a cohesive story. It was good. Anyone who hasn’t read the books will probably love it. I definitely recommend it and think it was well done.

Nick: We’re looking at some sort of mental “Hunger Games” against a bunch of genius kids for just a handful of jobs. 
~ The Internship, 2013

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