Movie Monday – The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug and Band of Brothers

We watched The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug in 3D yesterday. Wow. What a movie experience. Simply outstanding in every way. I think I like this half of the story more than the LOTR movies. Although, they were pretty amazing at the time so I suppose it’s hard to compare them fairly. But I really enjoy the dwarves and their story. I also particularly enjoy how well the filmmakers make actors with ordinary height appear small. I know they did it before but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the effect and it’s done so well it’s just a bit mind-boggling. Regarding the story, I know it doesn’t keep strictly to the theme and plot of the book, but in this case, I don’t mind. Likely because it’s been years since I’ve read the series and so I’m enjoying the story as they’ve adapted it for on-screen entertainment. I say if you’re a fan of fantasy and not offended if they took some liberties from the original story, then don’t miss your opportunity to see this in the theater. And be prepared to be left wanting for more. 🙂

There’s no need for me to “review” Band of Brothers as everyone and their brother has already seen it or already heard the news long ago that it’s outstanding. I simply want to share that I’m watching it for the first time and I LOVE it. So very interesting. Don had seen a few episodes over the years and had always wanted to see the whole series. Our local Blockbuster is going out of business and they are selling things dirt cheap. Lucky for us, we got the whole series – the last copy. We’ve only watched about half the episodes so far. We’re trying to stretch it out a bit. We also picked up The Pacific to watch next. AND I’m super excited, a co-worker gave me the book Band of Brothers, so I will be reading the story soon as well! I might wait a little while after finishing the series though, so that the book is fresh and new. I hear that the series follows the book very closely and I don’t want the on-screen representation to overshadow my reading experience.

“Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous…”
Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug



  1. We saw the Hobbit 2 tonight. It was EXCELLENT. The whole theatre went, “NOOO!” when it abruptly ended 😉 Can’t wait to see the last one.


    1. There was hardly anyone in our theater so people were shy and didn’t speak up but you could tell everyone felt that way. I felt an intense sense of “noooo!” even if no one said it out loud. 🙂


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