Colorful Charity Event – Color Vibe

Yesterday, we participated with some friends in a fun run 5K called the Color Vibe, benefiting the local Relay for Life organization. Don and I volunteered to help staff the run, which really meant we got to stand around and cheer for the runners and throw color on them. The rest of our group participated in the run. There were over 2,000 runners; it was a bit crazy but lots of fun! Check out the news clip from our local station, KPLC, to see some of it in action. We left our phones in the truck, not wanting them to be damaged by the “paint” but after we saw how easily it came off, we took some pictures after the race.









The paint, which is colored cornstarch and looks a bit like chalk, wipes off, and washes out easily, but it was tricky getting out of our clothes and getting them into the wash without getting it everywhere.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
~ William James
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