Movie Monday – 2 Guns, The Family

2 Guns is about two law enforcement agents who are working the same case undercover but from different agencies with different agendas. One is a DEA agent, the other a Naval Intelligence Agent. I kept thinking during the movie that their ‘intelligence’ was pretty shoddy for a couple of high-ranking intelligence officers and agencies. The plot was all over the place and so much of it just didn’t make sense. I thought the film was going to be funny, and it had a few great lines (which were all in the trailers BTW) and that’s about all it had going for it. I would NOT recommend this anyone.

The Family is about a mob family that is constantly on the move, living in a witness protection program as a result of the man of the family having turned on his mob brothers. The details of why or what the betrayal consisted of aren’t relevant and therefore never fully revealed in detail. The story instead focuses on how the family copes each time they move, how they blend (or don’t) with society, and how the mob continually searches for them and eventually catches up to them. Laced with dark humor and violence, The Family was entertaining. I’ve never seen Goodfellas or any of the Godfather franchise, but I felt that this film would appeal to those that had; there were a few clear nods to past mob flicks. Don liked it and he’s a pretty stiff critic of movies that aren’t fantasy. It had some flaws but it was still worth the watch.

Warren Blake: Have you ever noticed the number of things Dad is capable of expressing just with the word “f***”?
Belle Blake: Are you trying to say dad is illiterate?
Warren Blake: No, I mean he’s a good old boy, so you know he talks to be understood, not just to sound good. So from him a “f***” could mean “holy sh**, what did I just get myself into” or “great pasta” or “I’m gonna get that guy for that”. So, why do a guy like that need to stay up all night writing? He could already express the entire range of human emotions, with a single word.
~ The Family, 2013

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