Movie Monday – Free Birds (and a bit of personal news)

I did not have high expectations for Free Birds. The plot seemed a little silly and farfetched. (But truly, what animated movie isn’t?) We were so pleasantly surprised. The plot and dialogue are quite clever and smart. I’m actually disappointed it has such a lot rating on IMDb and so few positive reviews. Sure the idea of time traveling turkeys who go back in time to prevent turkeys from being on the Thanksgiving menu is silly, but the movie has so much heart that it’s easy to accept the concept once the story gets rolling. And we personally found the jabs at things like factory farming and government control entertaining in themselves. I also personally LOVED that George Takei was the voice of the time traveling machine, STEVE. As a big fan of Star Trek, and a FB follower of Takei, I thought it was a lot of fun to see (hear) his participation and even a plug for his book at the end, which most people probably don’t even recognize as such – “Oh Myyy!” All in all, we thought it was a fun movie and I would definitely recommend it.

And, for regular readers who know what I’m talking about, we got ORDERS today!!! We are headed back to the northwest this summer, to Kitsap County on the west side of the Puget Sound. Lots to do now to coordinate the move, change jobs, etc. I may fall behind on blogging if it gets super crazy. But I’ll try not to. 😉



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