Movie Monday – Delivery Man, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Hungover Games

Don wasn’t feeling well this past week so we had a movie marathon one day while I policed his need to drink lots of fluids and eat a liquid diet. I was surprised he agreed to the first two movies, which were my picks, and not surprised at his last choice, which I agreed to, since he wasn’t feeling well. 😉

Delivery Man was surprisingly full of heart and more plot content than I expected. It was a little long, which somewhat dragged down Don’s overall opinion, but I really, really liked it. Vince Vaughn plays a man who, in his younger days, made numerous donations to a fertility clinic as a means to get by financially. In a freaky turn of events, the clinic ends up giving out WAY too much of his genetic code and as a result, the character learns 20 years later that he is the biological father of 533 children. As a bit of a deadbeat in life, he’s wholly unprepared to deal with the subsequent fallout and the fact that 142 of his children have filed a joint lawsuit to uncover the identity of their natural father. If you like feel-good movies and comedy, I really recommend this one. It’s definitely worth the watch. (Fun fact: I went to school with Chris Pratt. His older brother was in my class. I didn’t know either of them on a personal level but we tread the same halls for 4 years. Kind of fun to think about. BTW, Chris did a great job as supporting role in the movie.)

Everyone already knows that The Wolf of Wall Street, chronicling the rise and fall of Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort, is outstanding and worth a watch. To add our two cents I would say…crap, it’s LONG. And a bit gratuitous with T&A and drugs. Whoa, the drugs. If this movie doesn’t convince people that drugs are TERRIBLE, I don’t know what would. All in all, we agree, it’s a good movie, despite being a little long and drawn out at times. If you’ve seen the movie – has anyone experienced the “sell me this pentactic in an interview? I have. It wasn’t a pen. It was a mechanical pencil and it was for a sales job. Which I got. And then quit about six weeks later. This movie exemplifies everything about why the sales industry does not appeal to me. I can do it. I get how to do it. But so much about sales is about selling people things they don’t need for your own gain. You’ll see a lot of that in the movie. Sales comes in to play in life in so many shapes and forms, it’s almost inescapable. In fact, Don and I hope to engage in a venture later in life that will include an element of sales if we want to succeed. However, we will be selling a luxury to people who have the means and the desire to experience that luxury, not desperately trying to sell add-ons/services/products to people who don’t have the means to pay their current bills. To me it’s a difference of selling things to people that they truly need or want if they come to me and they have those means. I can sell the benefits of a product or service all day long if I feel good about what I’m doing and I’m not taking advantage of the customer for my benefit. Jobs, and lifestyles, like those in the movie simply don’t appeal to me. But watching a bunch of people destroy their own lives in the pursuit of greed and ambition can be somewhat entertaining.

The Hungover Games was tiring, in the sense that The Hunger Games idea is tired. Quit trying to spoof it or re-make it. It was an interesting, unique story that was GREAT the first time. All these spoofs are a bit ridiculous. In The Hungover Games, the makers merged plot lines from The Hangover and The Hunger Games. I don’t even understand how those two can cross paths. And I’ve SEEN the movie. It was not, very, good. I think we laughed about 3 times out loud. And yet, when the credits rolled, Don declared, “That was good!” *eyeroll*

We also finished Season 4 of Archer on Netflix this past week. O.M.G. I LOVE ARCHER! I hate that we have to wait who knows how long again till we can watch Season 5 now. I could seriously watch Archer all, damn, day, long. It’s so freaking funny I can’t stand it. Of all the fabulous off-color, animated comedies, including American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, Ugly Americans, even South Park, Archer takes the cake in the categories of debauchery, horribleness, and hilarity. Sometimes I wish I had opportunities to say some of the things they say on that show. But that would just be mean. LOL

Sterling Archer: A black astronaut, Cyril. That’s like killing a unicorn!

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