Movie Monday – Homefront and a bunch of others


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I’m catching up on two week’s worth of movies today. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of good things to say about any of them.

Homefront with Jason Statham is, like many Statham movies, a little recycled but not terrible. It was the better of the two for us that day, that’s for certain. Personally, I’ll watch anything with Statham and usually enjoy it well enough. 😉 In this story he’s an ex-DEA agent who has lost his wife and relocates to a small town with his young daughter in the hopes of cultivating a quiet, simple life for the two of them. As expected, this doesn’t pan out and he gets caught up in a drug ring that’s operating in the town and must save the day to save himself and his daughter. Not wildly inventive but mildly entertaining. The role has some softer elements than Statham’s usual characters which is a nice change.

The Bag Man (which we watched after Homefront) was NOT, good. I would go so far as to suggest you not bother. It attempts to keep the viewer guessing till the end but it’s just not very well done so it seems like just you don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s kind of irritating. The story follow a man who contracts with a criminal to carry a bag, without opening it, to a remote location, and waiting for a trade at that location. All sorts of weird shit happens. It’s really not that interesting.

I,Frankenstein is ok. Lots of great graphics and action but a little wobbly on story. Frankenstein’s monster out lives his creator into our century and finds himself entangled in a war between demons and angels (disguised at gargoyles) – a war that goes on for centuries under our blind human eyes. Kind of interesting hook, not the best development and follow through. If you like fantasy, it might be worth a watch. Just don’t have high expectations.

The Nut Job is cute but doesn’t have any wow factor. We were looking for some light entertainment and it served the bill. A band of animals living in a city park are desperately trying to hoard food for the winter. One squirrel doesn’t play well with others and is always out for his own personal gain. He learns that working together is better than working alone and helps save the day. There are a lot of stereotypes and clichés throughout that hampered the originality. At the end of the day it’s light and silly, which is all I think it set out to be.

Out of the Furnace is so S L O W. It’s a little gritty at times and the performances are strong in that I felt for the characters but the pace of the story is agonizingly slow. The plot synopsis is billed to be about a man who takes matters into his own hands when his younger brother is caught up in dangerous criminal activity. I’d say that it’s more about life after war service and the difficulties many soldiers face when attempting to re-integrate into society. Either way, it’s drags and the ending was dumb and unsatisfying. Bleh.

The Legend of Hercules gives viewers a new spin on the origin and development of the mythological character of Hercules. It had potential and it was somewhat intriguing but it just wasn’t a solid story or performance by anyone. There are a few moments of greatness, some good graphics, and lots of action and battle scenes (but too much use of slow motion in battle). Fantasy fans might enjoy it just for the sake of something different.

Just because something has yet to be found does not mean it does not exist.
~ Wessex, I, Frankenstein, 2014

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