Reading Corner – Indie Author Debut: Backlash by T.R. Lemke

backlashFantasy fans and fellow book lovers, you simply MUST check out T.R. Lemke’s debut novella Backlash. It is well-written and intriguing. If you enjoy fantasy, supporting indie authors of any genre, or are an agent looking for the next big name, you should read Backlash. It’s a quick read, more of a novella than a full size novel so don’t expect grand world development – not yet. That’s going to come later in Lemke’s full-scale fantasy series. (Agents, seriously, someone needs to discover this author.)

Backlash is the story of a working-class young man struggling to make ends meet in a society ruled by nobility. Running his family’s business alone and attempting to support his ailing mother, Samel can barely stay ahead of his debts. One day he is approached by a stranger who offers to apprentice him to a new craft. Desperate to escape the wrath of the tax collectors and to finance proper treatment for his mother’s illness Samel accepts. He learns quickly and life begins to change for Samel. But the price of his education is far more than he could have ever imagined.

No spoilers here. You have to read it to know more. I can tell you that Lemke has a knack for storytelling. His character development is well-done. The imagery is vivid. He has a strong grasp of the martial arts and it shows through the well-crafted fight scenes. Having also read some of Lemke’s other work in progress I know that it’s set in the same world as his larger scale series and that was particularly fun for me. Regardless of that, I think that any fan of fantasy will recognize a strong new author for the genre.

Read more about Backlash and T.R. Lemke on Smashwords or connect with T.R. Lemke on Facebook.

Killing a man was easy; there were many ways to stop the machinery of man’s body.
~ Samel Dorwen, Backlash

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