About Me

Welcome! This is me (Jessica) as of Dec 2018. 


I’m married to this goofball. (Don, circa 2010 or so…)

He’s a bit of a ham.

These are our boys, Milo and Olli. They are spoiled silly and made a few appearances early in the life of this blog. (Kitty Shower, Fantastic Feats, Oh, the indignity.) Sadly, Milo passed in August 2019. We miss him terribly. Olli has entered his senior years as well now but he will still be with us for a while. (Milo was five years older than him.) You can see more of Olli on Instagram if you like that sort of thing. 🙂

We don’t have any human children; our life is full just the two of us and our fur kid.

We are originally from Washington State and have lived in Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and now Nevada. (Don retired from the Coast Guard in Oct 2018.) We enjoyed seeing new places and experiencing new things during the years Don was active duty. Was it challenging? Totally. It was all part of the adventure though. Our personal mantra is that it’s about the journey, not the destination. 

I have a B.A. in English with a writing concentration. Once upon a time I wanted to write novels but that was long ago. I now much prefer proofreading and editing other people’s work. I’ve done some freelance work off and on. (Mostly off for years now.) I have had the opportunity to edit three published books, two fiction and one non-fiction. I have also helped other hopeful authors by reviewing their manuscripts and providing them feedback. 

This blog primarily started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, a way to share our adventures and our daily lives with the people we love and miss. Over time it grew into more than that. I’ve been offline for quite a long time now but like to use my blog as a reference tool for myself so haven’t ever pulled the plug. And maybe one day I’ll get back into posting. Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Jess: I love this so far. Keep it up. I always love visiting with you guys and seeing all your pictures and hearing of youals adventures. This is the perfect way to get it out there to everyone. LOL


  2. My cat’s name is Milo too. Weird. I only have the one though – he’s too spoiled for me to get a second. I was away one night and he missed me so much he practically jumped in the shower with me. What a mamma’s boy.

    K, I’m gonna stop stalking your website now and eat some lunch.



  3. Hi Jessica, love your ‘about me’ story. I (well actually my 2 kids – I’ve been relegated to the role of Assistant Blogger apparently!!) are just starting out in this blogging journey and I love to read honest and personal stories like yours. Good luck with all your hobbies. Phillipa


  4. Hi Jessica,

    This blog is so cool. I will come visit often. So happy your blog fulfills my “stalking” desire. (I hope you know that I am just joking)
    I am so glad to meet you and feel too late to know you because you are about to leave this town. 😦 Keep in touch and keep it up (blog).. I love it.



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