About Me


Thanks for stopping by. This is me. (Jessica)


I’m married to this guy. (Don)

He’s a bit of a ham and I love it. We do just about everything together. I like to share our adventures, big and small. I hope you enjoy them. We do.

These are our “boys”, Milo and Olli. They are spoiled silly and make occasional appearances. (Kitty Shower, Fantastic Feats, Oh, the indignity.)

We don’t have kids. Gasp. Our life is full just the two of us. We have nieces and nephews and we love them to pieces. See?

Will we ever add any kiddos to our story? (Since people always seem to want to know this.) Not likely. We are ok with that. Please don’t try to convert us. It’s a personal choice. I respect your choice to have kids; respect my choice not to. Enough said.

We are originally from Washington State and have lived in Oregon, Florida, and Louisiana. (Don is active duty Coast Guard.) We are now back in Washington State for his final assignment before retirement. We have enjoyed seeing new places and experiencing new things. Is it challenging? Heck yeah. It’s all part of the adventure. Our personal mantra is that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

I have a B.A. in English with a writing concentration. Once upon a time I wanted to write novels but that was long ago. I now much prefer proofreading and editing other people’s work. I’ve done some freelance work off and on. (Lately, more off. I’ve started a new job, in a new industry, and it’s taking up all my energy at the moment.) Previously, I have had the opportunity to edit two published books, one fiction and one non-fiction. I have also helped other hopeful authors by reviewing their manuscripts and providing them feedback. I have a friend with a fantastic fantasy novel that I hope to help publish, or see published one day. If you have a project and would like to discuss my services, please review my professional profile on LinkedIn. You may also contact me privately here.

A few other random tidbits about me and our adventures…

I love to read. (Reading Corner)

We both love to watch movies. I was running a ‘Movie Monday’ post feature but I’ve fallen behind on keeping up with that more recently.

I enjoy quilting but I haven’t made anything in ages. It was a new hobby when I started and one of these days I’m sure I’ll pick it back up.

We like to travel, shoot guns, fish, snorkel, kayak, bike, sail, hike, fly kites (it’s more exciting than it might sound)…I know…we have a lot of hobbies. We used to also snowboard, play paint ball, tinker with RC cars, go quading, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. Unfortunately, you can’t spend very much time doing your hobbies when you’ve got too many of them. So eventually some are set aside to make room for others (or new ones.)

This blog primarily started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, a way to share our adventures and our daily lives with the people we love and miss, but over time it has grown into more than that, even if lately I’ve not been able to keep posting as regularly as I might like to. I enjoy sharing ideas and opinions on various topics, including product reviews on occasion.

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me.



  1. Jess: I love this so far. Keep it up. I always love visiting with you guys and seeing all your pictures and hearing of youals adventures. This is the perfect way to get it out there to everyone. LOL


  2. My cat’s name is Milo too. Weird. I only have the one though – he’s too spoiled for me to get a second. I was away one night and he missed me so much he practically jumped in the shower with me. What a mamma’s boy.

    K, I’m gonna stop stalking your website now and eat some lunch.



  3. Hi Jessica, love your ‘about me’ story. I (well actually my 2 kids – I’ve been relegated to the role of Assistant Blogger apparently!!) are just starting out in this blogging journey and I love to read honest and personal stories like yours. Good luck with all your hobbies. Phillipa


  4. Hi Jessica,

    This blog is so cool. I will come visit often. So happy your blog fulfills my “stalking” desire. (I hope you know that I am just joking)
    I am so glad to meet you and feel too late to know you because you are about to leave this town. :( Keep in touch and keep it up (blog).. I love it.



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